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Ultherapy is a non-invasive anti aging treatment that uses ultrasound energy to help lift lax skin. It is FDA approved to help treat the brow area, lower face and neck area.

The ultrasound energy initiates the body’s natural response to stimulate the growth of fresh, new collagen and strengthen weak collagen. Some patients see the results right after the treatment; however, the real results appear over 2-3 months as new collagen builds to help lift and tighten skin.

Ultherapy can be used on any skin types and color.

Treatment areas (starting at)

Brows: $1,000
Upper Face: $1,500
Lower Face: $2,500
Full Face: $3,500
Neck: $2,750
Decolletage: $2,000
Lower Face + Full Neck: $3,750
Full Face + Full Neck: $4,500


Microneedling is a method of inducing a controlled injury into the skin’s dermal and epidermal junction. It is a non-ablative skin regeneration therapy used to break down old scar tissue and stimulate skin cell regrowth. This results in the formation of elastin, collagen and improved blood supply. Microneedling can be performed on all skin types and skin colors. It helps to even out skin tone and texture and pigmentation issues.

Conditions that can be treated with microneedling are mild to moderate acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, laxity of skin, uneven texture and pore size, stretch marks, discoloration, etc.

Microneedling with PRP

There is an advanced treatment with microneedling by using PRP ( platelet rich plasma). This is where we use 10 mL of your own blood and spin in the centrifuge to extract the PRP.

PRP is blood plasma that has been enriched with natural platelets, stem cells and bioactive growth factors. The goal of PRP treatment is for new blood vessels and fibers to form – helping to tighten, repair and strengthen damaged tissues.

PRP creates wound healing resulting in new collagen that rejuvenates skin, improving texture and lines with a gradual natural change. New collagen shrinks as it matures and this tightens the damaged sagging skin. The PRP has up to 8 growth factors and other ingredients that further help in treating scars, fine lines, wrinkles, laxity of skin, and discoloration. PRP is also used for pain management and alopecia (loss of hair).

Packages (starting at)

Microneedling: $500 / session
Microneedling with PRP: $900 / session


Microdermabrasion improves mild to moderate sun damage, scarring, wrinkles, and other superficial skin problems. A gentle stream of tiny particles exfoliates the outer layer of skin and provides a fresh, glowing, younger appearance.

The particles scrape away the surface layer of aging or damaged skin, which is then brushed off with the microdermabrasion vacuum tool.

Only a small amount of skin is removed, so sensitive areas such as the face, chest, neck, arms and hands can be treated. Results are comparable to a light chemical peel and should be immediately visible.

Microdermabrasion is often performed in conjunction with other skin renewal procedures, such as laser treatment and chemical peels. Multiple treatments are recommended for full effect.

Treatment (starting at)

Microdermabrasion: $175
Microdermabrasion with Peel: $225
Microdermabrasion with Dermaplaning: $200


Dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation similar in theory to microdermabrasion but without the use of suction or abrasive crystals. An esthetician grade, sterile blade is stroked along the skin at an angle to gently “shave off” dead skin cells from the epidermis.

Dermaplaning also temporarily removes the fine vellus hair off the face, leaving a very smooth surface. As with any type if exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells allows home care products to be more effective, reduces the appearance of fine lines, evens skin tone and assists in reducing milia, closed and open comedones, and minor breakouts associated with congested pores.

Dermaplaning can be an effective exfoliation method for clients that have couperose (tiny blood vessels near the surface of the skin), sensitive skin or allergies that prevent the use of microdermabrasion or chemical peels. Due to the contours of the face, certain areas of the face (such as eyelids and nose) are not treatable using this method.

Treatment (starting at)

Dermaplaning: $100
Dermaplaning with Fire and Ice Facial: $175
Dermaplaning with Illuminating Peel: $200
Dermaplaning with Microdermabrasion: $200


Chemical peeling is a procedure that aims to accelerate skin exfoliation by the use of chemical substances resulting in renewed, healthier looking skin and more uniform complexion.​

Peels address the visible skin imperfections that result from skin again and sun exposure, such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tones (caused by acne scarring or pigmentary changes) and texture.

Illuminize Peel

This peel is the gentlest SkinMedica peel. Ideal for first-time, chemical-peel patients, patients with mild skin imperfections or patients looking for brighter, more radiant skin with no downtime.

This peel is appropriate for all skin types. No visible peeling should be expected with this treatment. Mild redness or discoloration may occur, and can be coered with makeup.​

For maximum results, this peel can be received every two weeks until desired results are achieved.

Vitalize Peel

This peel is ideal for patients with mild-to-moderate skin imperfections that result from skin aging and sun exposure, such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture. This peel is appropriate or all skin types.​

The vitalize peel can leave a yellowish tinge on the skin which is expected to last no longer than 2-3 hours post treatment. Expect to peel for about 3-4 days on average. Results will be improvement in the appearance of overall skin condition, diminishment in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smoothness of skin texture, more even skin color and improved skin clarity.​

For optimal results, peel can be repeated every 3-4 weeks.

Rejuvenize Peel

This peel is appropriate for patients with moderate to severe skin imperfections that result from skin aging and sun exposure, such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture. This peel also address skin unevenness that can be caused by acne scarring or pigmentary changes.​

The Rejuvenize peel can for performed on patients with dark skin, however it is recommended that they start with the Vitalize Peel to establish their skins tolerability.​

Peeling can range from mild flaking to peeling in sheets- anywhere from 5 to 7 days. Regardless of the amount of peeling, the skin is sill sloughing off at an accelerated rate, which will result in the improvement in the appearance of skin tone and texture, smoothness of fine lines and wrinkles.

Treatment (starting at)

Illuminate Peel: $125
Vitalize Peel: $175
Rejuvenize Peel: $200

Clear + Brilliant

Clear + Brilliant is a safe, non-surgical and non-invasive treatment. It is a gentle, revolutionary treatment that fights the natural effects aging has on skin, improving tone an texture and giving skin a radiant, youthful glow.

One 10 to 20 minute session can leave your skin feeling smoother, younger and give you that “radiant glow” that comes from healthy, youthful skin. Routine treatments deliver lasting results that can keep you looking younger for years to come.

Treatment (starting at)

Clear + Brilliant: $350

Laser Hair Removal

The LightSheer DUET is the “gold standard” on the laser hair removal world. This machine includes two wavelenght 805nm diode hair removal technologies on one versatile platform.​

Safe for treatment of face and body hair, the LightSheer DUET possess a vacuum assisted technology that draws skin into handpiece, stretching it thin, and allowing for a closer distance to the energy source. This technology also activates tactile and pressure skin receptors to inhibit the transmission of pain sensation – making your treatment faster and more comfortable for patients.

Ladies Treatment (starting at)

Upper Lip: $75
Chin: $150
Full Face: $200
Full Arms: $275
Underarms: $200
American Bikini: $200
French Bikini: $300
Brazilian Bikini: $350
Lower Legs: $350
Full Legs: $500
Full Body: $1,500

Gentlemen Treatment (starting at)

Neck: $150
Shoulders: $200
Chest: $450
Upper Back: $350
Lower Back: $350
Full Back: $650
Abdomen: $450
Upper Body: $850
Lower Body: $1,000
Full Body: $1,750

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