What is Clear + Brilliant?

Clear + Brilliant is a 1927 nm non-ablative laser to improve the current condition of your skin and prevent signs of aging from showing and progressing. This procedure stimulates new collagen growth which in turn boosts skin tone, smooths texture, shrinks pores and reduces hyperpigmentation.

When is Clear + Brilliant recommended?

  • Clear + Brilliant is recommended for patients who are bothered by superficial lines around their eyes and mouth, fine lines on their cheeks, rough skin texture, and superficial pigmentation. We also use this treatment as a good maintenance option (often combined with BBL Corrective) following an ablative laser to stimulate collagen in your skin throughout the year. Lastly, it's a go to treatment for younger patients wanting to see tangible results and preventatively target aging.

What are the Benefits of Clear + Brilliant?

• Great for all skin types

• Less than 24 hours immediate downtime

• Improvements in as little as 1 week

• Completely Customizable with dual handpieces to target different concerns